About Us

About Us

LOOM is a young women led campaign that interconnects with  women of multi generations in weaving stories, threading dreams,  building young feminist leadership towards the change that inspires our freedom.

Why Are We Here
Here - ‘HER’ existence is compromised. Here, ‘SHE’ is discriminated on the grounds of her body, her sexual orientation, her gender, her class, caste and ethnicity. Where her compromise is composed and defined by measures practiced by patriarchal obedience.

And we want to be free - we want ourselves to define who we are. We believe our efforts in linking women of all generations and backgrounds is a great way to build dreams, channelize aspirations and create change in the way we should be seen.

Women’s movement has come a long way; we have stood against differences addressing our right to life, justice and dignity. However the women’s movement is segregated, we want to see everyone together.

LOOM adopts a multi – generational entwined with inter sectional
approach in her work collaborating closely with women activists of
different women generations activists, either individuals or groups or
organisations at the community level.

Our objective
LOOM works to build capacities and increase access amongst young girls and women to address political, social, legal, religious, traditional components of discrimination.

Young women - They matter
Globally young women are the largest part of the women’s movement. On the contrary we are not seen as right holders. As young change makers we recognize what the women’s movement has achieved, but we claim dignity and space for our voices. Our actions solely define what we seek, we want to reframe, reallocate and voice our concerns that can make women’s movement a relevant progressive outburst of societal angst

Our work : is very exciting
LOOM links generations of women regardless of their backgrounds, belonging or origin. We foresee a better movement built on the foundations of networking, understanding challenges and undertaking acts that establish our work.

We join hands with young individuals and groups to support their ventures. We generate relevance by our association providing momentum to issues locally neglected.
Our space in Kathmandu works as a hub for women to connect and seek a space for themselves based on participation in the society. Our discussions, workshops and exchanges generate momentum that fuels women’s movement in Nepal.
What we do
LOOM works with four key programs:
+ Young Women Meet
 ( Is a yearlong connectivity program starting with a weeklong  workshop. Focuses on building knowledge based activism in forging multi-generational cooperation for ownership in feminist movement.)

+ Konnect her.org
( Is an online networking space that aims to build campaign and  support for least heard issues & efforts building networking amongst local and global partners involving individuals and agencies. )

+ Women’s resource center (Her space)
(Is a physical space in Kathmandu designed so individuals can find their own working table and resources whenever needed. Conducts regular events involving generational debates, screenings, and events that groom networking between individuals. )

+ Sexuality and Representation of women
(is a policy lobby focused approach that cannot ignore the way  women, their body and sexuality is misrepresented. Conducts study,  seminars and reaches out through events.)

Our Vision

An equal and just society where women of multi-generations have the
power and freedom to decide for them and their community based on
participation and ownership.

Our Mission

As a group of women who wants to make a different, we are new age
campaigners affirming towards sustainable women’s movement
Mainstreaming what is not, Integrating what has been excluded. We
desire to set platforms for us to weave our stories, thread our
dreams, and bring the fundamental change that we foresee and aspire.