2014 At a Glance

2014 At a Glance



LOOM is a campaign led by women that interconnects with women of multi generations in weaving stories, threading dreams, and building young feminist leadership towards the change that inspires our freedom.  We gear towards movement building through linking generations of women regardless of their backgrounds, belonging and origin. We foresee a better movement built on the foundations of networking, understanding challenges and undertaking acts that establish our work.

Founded in 2010 as a platform to support ventures of young individuals and women’s rights campaigneers to reframe, recollection and voice our concerns so that we can make our women’s movement a relevant progressive outburst of societal angst. 

LOOM is guided by the following strategies to recognize and bridge collective actions of women of multi generations:

Participation: LOOM believes that participation must not be limited to only numbers, and to certain age, gender, class and caste. Women and young women must be included at the inception stage of decision making processes on plans and policies designed for them. Using women to validate final decisions and actions without their participation in prior decision making process is a step towards inequality and anti democratization policies.

Identification of local issues and strategies: LOOM believes in identifying local issues and strategies to address concerns of discrimination and disorder among species. This leads to ownership of processes, and visibility of different forms of approach crucial to address women’s rights.  

Multi Thematic Understanding: LOOM believes in using a multi thematic understanding towards an existing situation. It is a tool aimed to address an issue from larger perspective rather than recognizing a single element as the cause of discrimination.

Capturing 2014 in a nutshell is a herculean task, but we came across JASS annual report 2012 that inspired and guided us to illustrate what we seek to do, and how we have done. Thank You JASS. As a small organization with no more than two team members, we were then encouraged by our board members and allies that there is so much that we can do, and maybe an outreach can assist us to amplify our actions. 

So, here we are; again, thank you JASS.

Held more than 14 series of multi generational dialogue with topics ranging from women’s movement; housing rights; activism; feminist movements; representation of women and sexuality in cinema among others involving 600 activists and community leaders from 3 districts;

  • Engaged and organized an event “ Multi Generational dialogue in the context of changing women’s movement; Asia and Pacific” with young women activists from Fiji, Papua New Guinea and the Philippines at the Asia Pacific Feminist Forum organized by Asia Pacific Forum on Women, Law and Development
  • Collaborated with more than 5 organizational allies on various organisational development activities, research on domestic violence; research on women’s participation in political processes and ongoing research on women labeled as a Bokshi ( different from witches)
  • Transferred knowledge and skills to 27 young women through the Young Women Meet in areas of bodily politics, story -telling, and women’s activism;
  • Partnered with 1 district based women’s organization as a model to understand how generations of women converge and collaborate and continue the legacy of women’s activism;
  • Collected and documented 5 stories of women’s activism in at least 2 districts to revive women’s struggle and inform the priorities and strategies around women’s rights and the next step;
  • Mobilized with more than 1000 allies including institutions and individuals supporting the work of women human rights defenders advocating for security and campaign against rape and dowry; 
  • Joined nationwide citizenship in the name of the mother campaign with more than 10,000 allies including public statements;
  • Garnered more than 500 likes in our social media networking ( stories) amplifying the work that we do

Highlights of 2014

1. Weaves and Bridges

  • Young women meet
  • Multi generational dialogue
  • Side event at the national beijing+20 conference: multi generational dialogue on the contextual challenges on women's movement in nepal
  • Interlinking and interconnecting generations of feminists (supporting organizational and strategy development of Women's Resource Center, Udaypur)
  • Multi generational dialogue at APFF

2. Mobilising with alliances towards actions

  • DOVA research and implementation
  • Anti rape campaign
  • Women's Political Participation in the Peace Process
  • 1 billion rising
  • free and fair election

3. Sexuality and Representation of Women

  • Series of dialogues

4. Women's Resource Center