Our Programmes

Our Programmes

1. Weaves and Bridges

a) Young Women Meet

It is a year-long connectivity program starting with a week-long workshop. It focuses on building knowledge based activism in forging multi-generational cooperation for ownership in feminist movement. It is provided to the young women of aged 18-25 years old. The major objectives of the program is to build the capacity of Young Women, Identify discrimination and violence by young women, increase the number of activists integrating in Nepalese women's movement and empower them to take their own decisions for their body. Total of 18 girls had participated on November 2014.

b) Multi Generational Dialogues

It is a one-day monthly discussion program. Discussions are done in different issues. It caters to women of all generations. The major objective of the program is to exchange experiences and stories to people, strengthen the women’s movement, acknowledging the older generation and welcoming the younger generation in the women’s movement. This program is not just limited to Kathmandu valley but have been to many other places like, Banglung, Udayapur, Etc.


c) Interlinking and interconnecting generations of feminists ( Organisational Development)

2. Mobilising with Alliances towards Actions

  • DOVA research and implementation
  • Campaign Against Rape
  •  Research on   Women's Political Participation in the Peace Process
  • 1 billion rising

3. Sexuality and Representation of Women in Media ( Cinema as a focus)

A policy lobby focused approach that cannot ignore the way  women, their body and sexuality is misrepresented. Conducts study,  seminars and reaches out through events.

4. Women's Resource Center ( Her Space)

A physical space in Kathmandu designed so individuals can find their own working table and resources whenever needed. Conducts regular events involving generational debates, screenings, and events that groom networking between individuals.