How we engage

How we engage

10.000 relief packets for pregnant/ lactating mothers and young children in 8 of the 13 mostly affected districts of Nepal and provide social and physical well being support for 1 year.

10000 mothers initiative will engage with women and their families in the following ways.

Stage 1:

In 2 months time, 10.000 relief packets containing support materials for pregnant/ lactating mothers and young children are being catered to women from 8 districts.

Stage 2:

5. 000 women and their families will be identified from the preliminary 10.000 based on need and support feasibility . Every family will be peered with close family member or a local women’s group to provide social and physical well being support for 1 year. The support will include - food till needed, permanent shelter, health provisions, psycho-social counseling and startup livelihood support.

Key Insight’s

+ Peer to Peer attachment in the support process can mean building newer families that sustain support beyond radars of the initiative.

+ We support families through mothers - recognising constantly that support must never replace what the family needs to do for itself. We want independent strong solutions to every individual problem, we do not want reliance or dependence.

+ Women as agents of support in these situations can have an affect in peoples lives, which will never go unnoticed. This will strengthen the space of women in the society

Our reach

10.000 mothers is reaching out to 8 of the 13 most highly affected districts of Nepal after the earth quake. We will be supporting mothers in:

Lalitpur, Bhaktapur, Kavre, Sindupalchowk, Nuwakot, Rasuwa, Dhading and Gorkha.

As we move along, national and local coalitions and groups will be recognised as collaboration agencies.