LOOM general assembly and first women congress!

On 9th August, 2015, LOOM held its third General Assembly and First Women’s Congress. A feminist platform that interconnects with multi generations of women through weaving stories, threading dreams, and building young feminist leadership, LOOM is registered with the Social Welfare Council.

Our dreams rolled into actions in 2012 with our first documentation training for young women defenders followed by KONNECT HER, an online networking space that aims to build campaign and support efforts building networking amongst local and global partners involving individuals and agencies.

LOOM designed its first ever strategic directions (2011-2015) with the following strategic objectives; a) Establish LOOM as an actor in the mass of campaigns that represent women’s rights in Nepal, b) Identify approaches of participation, collectivism, multi thematic understanding as tools to address concerns of discrimination based on identity and c) Strengthen capacities of emerging women’s organizations to address diverse components of discrimination. The board members met in January 2015 to review the strategic directions, and decided to invest the next six months to design new strategic direction for (2016-2020).

The third General Assembly approved the submitted suggestions, and guided the board members to continue the process including appointed new board members in the committee too.

For the next five years, our vision will focus as an equal and just society where women of multi generations become a collective unit for social change based on foundation of participation and ownership. Our mission is to create an accessible platform to leverage and amplify the collective actions. Our long term objectives is to a) engage through multi- generational understanding to bridge discourse between capacities, and b) advocate for women’s bodily politics where women become the center of development. Our Working approach (partners with); a) young women activists, campaigners between the age of (20-30) engaged with emerging or intermediate organisations, networks, group and b) established women’s groups, network, organisations . Both works primarily on human rights using tools of media, theater, music, advocacy, capacity building among others.

The new appointed board members are as follows:

Chairperson: Jyotsna Maskay

Vice-Chairperson: Shobha BK

Treasurer: Sarita Dahal

Secretary: Bishnu Neupane

Sarita Bhusal

Sharda Bhattarai

Renu Shrestha